LEJOG 2013

Heres a quick link to each of my blog articles written whilst cycling from Lands End to John  O’Groats (LEJOG) on my own ( – I rode on my own as well!).

At the time, they were written to engage with friends and family and to assist in raising awareness for the two charities that I supported and tried to raise money for, whilst riding.

However, as it turned out, they ended up being as much a part of the ride as the cycling! Retrospectively, they have been a big part of helping me get over doing the ride and finally getting to a point where I think I did ‘complete’ something that was a big challenge. I’m now quite proud of what I did, but it took a lot longer than I would have ever thought.

Read my very late Day 14′ for more about that bit, but I do hope you enjoy the longer, ‘daily-write’ version, as it will give more perspective on the above statement. Its honest, that I can assure you!

Not figured out this website palava just yet, so here are a series of direct links to the articles in chronological order, for ease. So as my Dad drilled into me, a story should always have a start, a middle, and an end. I’ll paraphrase that, to this:

The ‘Before’:

Pre-Ride: Final Update 

Pre-Ride: Twas The Night Before Chris Must…

The ‘During’:

Day 1 – To Finish First, First You Must Finish

Day 2 – Life Is A Rollercoaster

Day 3 – I know, I’m an Idiot 

Day 4 – Tell Me Why! (Do I Do This)

Day 5 – Every Day I’m Shuffling, Shuffling, Shuffling

Day 6 – Beneath An Iron Sky

Day 7- Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul…

Day 8 – Your Take The High Road, and I’ll Take The low

Day 9 – Twistin’ My Melon Man (*spoiler alert – I gave up here…)

Day 10 – Guess Whos Back

Day 11 – River Deep, Mountain High

Day 12 – A Bridge over Troubled Water

Day 13 – And Now, The End Is Here!

The ‘After’:

Day 14 – Show Me The Way To Go Home!

My LEJOG kit list – all I had with me…and its not a lot.

Hope you enjoy, but if you don’t, then complaints can be sent to:


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