Tyndrum to Fort Augustus (82.7 miles)

It’s not a river, but it’s a bloody deep Loch. Bear with me tonight, folks, I’m knackered and struggling for inspiration, but have a surfeit of perspiration!

Longest day of 83 miles, second highest climb, up and over into The stunning Glen Coe, in the hissing down rain. And that was in the first 25 miles!

Just goes to show how powerful attitude is in daily life. Get up and think it’s going to be “pants”, and you definitely increase the chance of that being the case. Today was many of the things that the “to Glasgow” day was, but it’s not taken 5* hospitality to keep me upbeat this time.

I’m in a cracking B&B in Fort Augustus, run by Natalie and Mark, and their dog Holly, who’s very friendly, and probably does run the show. If you get this way, consider staying, as the Kettle House is a beautiful house, just on the outskirts, on a backroad, all of which makes it really relaxing.

So I left Glengarry, headed upstream, to Bridge of Orchy, where the heavens really did open! A pretty big but long climb and then through Glen Coe, down to sea level. Over “a bridge” and then my Scottish coast-to-coast ride began!

Through Fort William, where I’d hoped to get a new tyre, which didn’t happen, but I did get to see a misty Ben Nevis, as I rode down the A82.

I’m riding the Great Glen fault for half of today, and half of tomorrow, up to Inverness. Yep, Inver-blinking-ness! On a pushbike! Now’s the time to confess that, it hit me today that I’ve now “only” got sub-200 to go. Keep calm, Captain Mainwairing!


So with just a couple of these blogs to go, I’m going to take this opportunity to make the following statements of fact:

  1. I definitely could not have got even this far without your encouragement and support, which, particularly from friends, colleagues and family, has made a huge difference. Keep going, you only have to put up with this sh17 for two more days!
  2. Whilst I cannot deny that I have personal, selfish motives for doing this, (to challenge myself), the extra drive to complete this comes from wanting to make sure you all at the very least, know about Climb and Millies Trust, their aims and objectives, and why just a small donation would make a big difference
  3. After all the amazing personal friend/colleague/family donations, it would be fantastic if an Airangel partner/supplier or two (and I know of one already, who’s not even any of the above!) could consider a donation to the two charities. I’m sure they would do their best to provide a return, if required!
  4. Whatever happens, I will be having a pint, “in’t Poynton Legion” next Friday, and I won’t bore more than usual, if you’re around, but I will be sat down more! Probably on a “pile cushion”!

Oh, nearly forgot – back on day 3, Cheddar Gorge, I met a group of LEJOGGERS, at the top after being passed by their tandem duo. They passed me again today! Arriving on Friday apparently, so I hope they’re there to clap me across the line!

I may just do this, you know, but don’t let on just yet!

Night all,

11th September 2013

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