Florida 2019 – Day 5 – A bit of Busch & Pussy

And if that headline hasn’t made you read this, then nothing will! 😉

I love Busch. Genuinely, jokes and childish double entendre aside, personally I think it’s the best park in Florida. By a country mile.

It a massively notched-up Alton Towers (when it first opened, they had animals, if you’re old enough to remember that), but with a similar family ethos, and without the bare commercialism that some parks lean on. No Marvel or Harry Potter here. Just good rides, and animals in large, well thought-through enclosures.

Boiled egg breakfast for me, (no idea what Jane and Charlie had), and then a hasty exit, as we needed to be sharp away this morning.

Busch Gardens is over in Tampa, on the west side of the Florida peninsular, whereas Kennedy Space Centre (where the SpaceX Falcon Heavy is due to launch from later today at 6:36pm) is on the east, with our apartment pretty much dead centre.

It’s an hour and 15 drive, along about 4 roads, so plenty of time for me to play with this self driving car feature. It’s still very weird!

The Fs beat us there, and so we met inside Busch just after 10:15. As I’ve mentioned, Busch is a kind of Knowsley Safari Park, with some of the best rollercoasters laid over the top. All done really well, and very rarely busy. Today was even quieter than normal, although we’ve usually come on Memorial Day, a bank holiday, so not a massive surprise.

The first coaster was one where the carriages spin around as you’re flying along, whereas the second was a full on suspended twist/corkscrew/loop-fest. After which I felt ill!

I’m normally fine on rollercoasters and have been on all of them here before, but perhaps due to being so tired, I just felt drained and a bit ‘gippy’. What a wuss!

We meandered from coaster to coaster at the lads whim. They were all having a ball. Love seeing them enjoy themselves, being kids, and being away from a screen! Children of today – it IS possible!

A lunch-stop near the orangutang and the tiger trails, consisted of a turkey salad sandwich served on what looked like chocolate arctic roll. They really have no idea what bread is in the US, same as for butter. And don’t get me started on what they call bacon!

I recovered enough to be persuaded to to on Shiekra, a vertical-drop rollercoaster, which was fabulous! Shame it meant that the Little F ended up feeling, and subsequently being, sick. Thankfully not my problem though!

We’ll be back here next Monday, so we were able to take it nice and easy today, and not have to rush from place to place. That said, the queues were no more than 5 minutes long anyway!

I even had time to buy a flight of ales to try. Four small ‘sample sizes’ of ales; Cigar City’s ‘Special Oatmeal Stout’, MIA Beer Co ‘308 IPA’, Sea Dog Brewing ‘Blueberry IPA’ and that ‘Hop Gun’, that I’d tried in bottles. All interesting in their own different ways!

Due to me feeling under the weather, I ended up being photographer/videographer for the day, more than coaster rider, but still, it was all good fun!

Once we were all worn out, we headed back towards Orange Lake Resort, and had tea (another steak!) at the Texas Roadhouse.

On the way, we heard that the SpaceX launch had been rescheduled until tomorrow, to to high altitude winds. You sometimes here the phrase ‘scrubbed’ if a launch doesn’t go ahead, but just so as you know, it’s only ‘scrubbed’ if they cancel after they filled the propellant. In this instance the rocket fuel was yet to be pumped in, so technically this launch wasn’t scrubbed. There. I’m a geek. I know.

Works well for me, as it means I may be able to sneak off and watch the launch, weather and timing permitted.

Bar Little F jumping up to hurl, and Mrs F subsequently having to sit outside with her (well-deserved) Sangria Margarita and sickly son, we enjoyed the meal & the service, before heading home to crash out.

Aquatica tomorrow, we think, so see you there!

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