Florida 2019 – Day 6 – Rocketman

Very few photos today to pad out my drivel. Sorry. Not even a lot to mention, to be honest.

Went to a water park. Sat in the sun. Got sunburned. Went for tea. Saw the first ever “workhorse” launch of the most powerful rocket currently in use (the Falcon “Heavy”) and to cap it off, it lands all three rocket boosters for the first time ever!

Hashtag “I was there”. Hashtag “history” etc, etc etc. You get the gist!

Night! 😉

I’m still buzzing from seeing SpaceX launch the most powerful rocket since Apollo. I absolutely love stuff like this! It was no moon landing moment, but it was, as Joe Hart once said, “deee-cent”.

If you are (sane & believe this sort of stuff ever happened) interested, then there’s a private company that the owner of loads of groundbreaking companies, PayPal for example, or Tesla, Elon Musk, happens to own.

One of his businesses is pretty keen on whacking a load of stuff into space. At a fair price. And they push boundaries, fail publicly, explain why, and then move on. Fair play to him, to be honest!

We arrived at Aquatica for around 10:15, and after dopeyhead Charlie had returned to the car to pick up his entry pass which he’d only just been given, we got in, and bagged four sunbeds and three sunchairs opposite the wave pool. Or as it’s now referred to after an ‘incident’ on our last visit, the turd pool. Never seen a pool clear as quickly after someone ‘dropped a log’ and it was spotted bobbing along on the crest of a wave.

There’s plenty of good rides and slides at Aquatica, and we spent the day pottering between them all. We even managed to get on a brand new ride that officially opens on the 12th, but they were testing it out.

Jane, Charlie and I went for lunch at the “Grab and Go”, which turned out to be more of a “Tell someone to restock the fridge & then wait 10 minutes, before going” type of place!

I got itchy feet at around 4:30, as I was seriously considering ditching Charlie & Jane and driving over towards Kennedy or Titusville to watch the Falcon Heavy launch, but decided against it.

When the park shut at 5pm, we showered, changed and then went to TGI Fridays on International Drive. Apart from surprisingly underwhelming service, my chicken salad was actually really nice.

I think the girl serving us got a mite nervous through at 6:34pm when we all jumped up and ran out of the restaurant to see if we could see the rocket launch.

We did! Or at least I did. It was ace! Even from here, it was a cool thing to see.

The one good thing about TGIs was that they served the Sam Adams Nee England IPA, which is a belter of a brew. So much so, I decided to call in at a Liquor Store on the way home to see if I could buy some.

Sadly not, but I did end up having a good natter with the server about home brewing, though.

From there, it was across the road and back down to our apartment, and bed!

Oh, just before which, I arranged to play my first ever round of golf with Mr F (a keen golfist), on the Arnold Palmer Legends Course at 8am tomorrow. What could possibly go wrong!

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