Florida 2019 – Day 8 – Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day, this wasn’t. Back to Seaworld, but still a different experience. A lot busier for a start, but it’s to be expected. It’s weekend, after all.

We’re all ‘on the bounce’ today, by which I mean that we’ve all achieved Floridian body clocks for breakfast, but we still have a rebound to UK time mid-afternoon. I’ve even I have had two consecutive good nights sleep!

Like pretty much all the lads of his age, Charlie feels the need to dress in mainly black things that have one of around 5 or 6 ‘acceptable’ labels & logos on. Nike, Stone Island, Northface, Armani (and the various sub- brands), Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein etc. You get the theme – £££!

He decided he’d like to spend his non-existent spending money on some Calvin Klein underwear, but after an unsuccessful trip to TJ Max [sic] last night, he’s still on the hunt, so we’re likely to go back to the outlet mall at some point before Monday, when we move out of here and spend a few days over in Clearwater.

Anyway, Seaworld. It was busy. And hot. In fact it was “Damn hot! Hotter than a snakes ass in a wagon rut”! Somewhere up in the mid 90s, so we mooched today, visiting the manatee rescue centre, where they rehab injured manatees. These poor buggers suffer from injuries such as propeller blade cuts from boats, and entanglement in fishing line. They are nursed back to health and then (where possible) released.

A few more ‘coasters, and the day was done. We decided to shoot off earlier than the F’s, head to the Mall for Charlie as it was only 5 minutes from Seaworld and then meet up at the nearby Longhorn Steakhouse for tea.

I’ll not bore you (even more) with the minutia of shopping with a shy, grumpy teen but after various stares, grunts, huffs and ‘eyes to the sky’, he ended up with four pairs of Calvin Klein boxers and a CK sweatshirt. Thankfully all of which had at least 40% off.

We headed to Longhorn, but the wait time was 45 minutes (it was around 7:20pm, so the busy period), so we tried our luck around the corner at Outback. A five minute drive and a 30 minute wait, so I’m calling that a success!

It is impossible to eat healthily here. As Mr F spotted, even the sweet potato fries had as many calories as proper chips! We couldn’t work that out at first until they arrived, drizzled in honey and brown sugar. Ah! SWEET potato-fries, not sweet-potato fries!

We were all knackered after the meal. Full as a bull, and knackered. It’s the latest we’ve been out, and we felt it. Annoyingly, the Saturday evening traffic down the I4 and 192 was horrible so it took a while to get home.

We got back, I put the drinks bottles in the fridge, and in that blink of an eye, Jane and Charlie were in bed and pretty much asleep.

No idea what tomorrow will bring. We’ll figure something out though.


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